A year ago today...

We left the U.S. a year ago today to travel to Sweden. Remarkable what a year it's been. A fantastic year, a dreadful year. I've been slowly working on a post of the "time before" covid hit our lives like a speeding truck. The remarkable sights we saw, the people we met, the traveling we did. It's taking a bit amidst the current chaos of our lives. I start teaching again next week. Went to the law school yesterday, felt like I'd walked into a dystopian novel. Biking home, actually ran into one of my recently graduated students and her mom- back in town to pack up her apartment after taking the bar exam in person in Arizona. Strange times all around. 

For now, a few pictures of a year ago. 

Our dog Bella doesn't like packing, and didn't like saying goodbye (nor did we). A year later, we can tell you that she had a great year with one of Chris' grad students. She's 15 now and a bit shaky (kinda like us). 

On the phone to make sure we had the right visas to get into Sweden. 
Luggage packed, travel commencing.

A bit odd to look at a regular airplane full of people... no masks!

Arriving in Stockholm for the first time as a family and starting to explore (and eat!)

An old viking game enjoyed in modern times at an outdoor festival in Stockholm


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and the good memories of your adventure. I hope with time they'll grow to outweigh the harder pieces of this year.


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