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Alternative reality #2- we fly home today

Our dog Bella is asleep near my feet, never more than about 1 foot away from me. She is "dogging" me since Chris and the kids went up to the Adirondacks with grandparents yesterday. Perhaps she thinks if she can sleep on me, I won't leave (last time we left, we were gone for 10+ months... it's hard to know if someone is going to up and leave for that length of time again). Lucky her, she gets to go to the lake herself with me later in the week. Today is the day we were supposed to come home from Sweden. I received a message yesterday from Delta. "We're sorry, you're trip has been canceled." Not quite sure what we would have done if we were still in Sweden and received this the day before we were supposed to fly home. What an odd alternative reality since late February. I've been picking through my own blog posts to craft a more synthesized post for Penn State's social science research institute that looks at Sweden's experience jux