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A year ago today...

We left the U.S. a year ago today to travel to Sweden. Remarkable what a year it's been. A fantastic year, a dreadful year. I've been slowly working on a post of the "time before" covid hit our lives like a speeding truck. The remarkable sights we saw, the people we met, the traveling we did. It's taking a bit amidst the current chaos of our lives. I start teaching again next week. Went to the law school yesterday, felt like I'd walked into a dystopian novel. Biking home, actually ran into one of my recently graduated students and her mom- back in town to pack up her apartment after taking the bar exam in person in Arizona. Strange times all around.  For now, a few pictures of a year ago.  Our dog Bella doesn't like packing, and didn't like saying goodbye (nor did we). A year later, we can tell you that she had a great year with one of Chris' grad students. She's 15 now and a bit shaky (kinda like us).  On the phone to make sure we had the righ