Leaving Sweden

I'm doing a quick post here; for those on both this blog and the health blog, skip this. But for those just following this blog, here's a quick update.

Chris is feeling better after two+ weeks clear of the hospital. He's had his ups and downs, including a couple of days where we contemplated going back to the hospital. However, a lot of rest and not much activity has helped. He had a CT scan yesterday that came back clear, with clearance to fly.

Our kids are fully registered in the State College School District- class for them has started at 3 PM, so our evenings have been busy. Will be helpful to be back on the same time zone next week!

We're leaving Sweden tomorrow- flight to Stockholm to Frankfurt to Newark. Checked in and ready to go with a lot of luggage and face masks ready. This isn't how or when we'd imagined leaving, but so be it. This year didn't happen like a lot of people expected.

I've been contemplating blogs posts I yet want to write, including some about local sights and one about what the status of covid in Sweden is. These will have to wait a bit... maybe next week.

More soon...