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It's Tuesday morning, 8:21 AM Stockholm time. It's sorta snowing, sorta raining out there. Everyone is sleeping still- quiet.

It has not been quiet for a while. An update.

At around 3 AM on Sat. night/Sunday morning, Chris woke up feeling like his arms were numb and that he might be having a stroke. He blacked out in the bathroom, hitting his head quite hard and waking me up. We called an ambulance which came maybe 30 minutes later? He's spent 30 hours in hospitals and is now back at the apartment.

I've been sending out updates in various ways, mostly via email. Because I'm dealing with a lot of medical info, I'd like to switch off a public blog to a more secure system for these kinds of updates. You can sign up here: Feel free to share this link with others. If you want to help now, please share stories about Chris, pictures, or other notes of support on that site.

In the meantime, this is what we know:

  • Chris currently tests negative for covid (don't know if they ran an antibody test or not)
  • He didn't have a stroke
  • He does have a hematoma on his brainstem- effectively a bruise (from hitting the ground)
  • He does have a nasty whack to the back of his head
  • He is supposed to have another CT scan at about the ~2-3 week mark. 
We had planned to fly back to State College on 2 May. We are delaying that and don't have a return date figured out. The folks renting us their apartment have graciously said we can stay as long as we need it (a big impact on them as they are coming back from Australia and need to quarantine). 

Our kids are now enrolled in the State College Area School District and at least Stephen will be starting into classes today. We all get to be operating on a Stockholm timezone and an east coast time zone! Lucky us. 

On this site, I'll keep blogging about Sweden and life here, but will provide health updates on the other site. I expect that I'll be less active on the blog, but you surely need to know about Walpurgis Day on April 30th... more soon. 

Overall, this really sucks but we're doing okay. We have a vast network of support all around the world and it helps. We actually have a fairly strong network here in Sweden- that also helps. A big thanks to each and everyone of you. Hugs (properly physically distant hugs, of course). 

Did I mention that it's snowing out? 


  1. We loved Walpurgisnacht in Germany, which we celebrated at a big, costumed festival on the Brocken (where Goethe says the witches fly on Walpurgis). I can't wait to hear what the Swedish traditions are!


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