A note on blogging

A side note on blogging.

This seems to have fallen mostly to me... our kids are convinced no one reads their posts.

We in fact have no idea how many people read our posts- although Chris has now made me the administrator, it shows that we have 0 people getting our newsletters (which we know isn't true). I post things to facebook but not always.

If you'd like to hear more from our kids, I'd encourage an email! Send one of us a note and we'll send you their emails. We've agreed that they can tell me their stories and I can type, which at least makes it a bit faster, though it doesn't overcome the reluctance.

We (I) also welcome comments and feedback. Blogging does feel a bit like I'm talking with myself... but hopefully it's been at least a bit interesting for those of you following along.

Time for bed for the kids and another week: veckan 7 (week 7) of the year.