Sankta Lucia: Santa Lucia Day (Dec. 13)

Sometime in November, my music teacher told the entire 4th grade of the international school that we'd be doing the Santa Lucia performance. We started practicing songs in music class and in art class too. At first, it was confusing because the songs were all in Swedish (and not songs I knew). I got to know the songs and they were much easier. We also started listening to the songs at home.

We also had to find a Santa Lucia dress: white with a frill on the neck, down to your ankles. We found the dress in the first store we went to, but then went through like 5 stores to find the red ribbon, and another store for the tinsel crown. I had to bring the dress in a week before the performance.

Santa Lucia Day is December 13th. I walked to school that day with Lita (my grandmother) and my mom and were leaving right after school got out (2 hours of school that day😊). We all got into our dresses and outfits. I was nervous 😨at first, and then I was feeling fine😁. Our performance was short- 15 minutes! We then had to sing in the rest of the school its hard to sing and walk at the same time. We then had snacks as part of fika: gingerbread cookies, saffron buns, and juice while the adults had coffee and tea.

Saffron buns are a traditional Swedish treat, especially "lussekatten"- saffron buns shaped like a cat's tail. They are good because they are sugary and all sugary things are great.

I like Santa Lucia Day and have been singing the songs ever since because they are stuck in my head.

Getting ready!


Singing on stage for our parents- my friends Kushi and Rashida as Santa Lucia. The rest of us as supporting characters.



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