Julgran och julen carol = Christmas Tree & Christmas carol

Julgran (Christmas tree) time in the Fowler household. We usually go out to the tree farm and find a tree the day after Thanksgiving (or that same weekend). Our selection involves tromping to the back of the furthest field, finding something huge, and hauling it across the expanse in the wet and mud. A bit different to take a bus, find someone selling pre-cut trees, then haul it home on the bus again... but that's what we did! We then used craft paper and whatever we could find to make and decorate the tree- it turned out fairly well given our limited arts supplies.  A few Christmas carols (mainly in Swedish) mixed in, along with sampling of glögg (mulled wine) to help the rainy afternoon along. 

Tree on a bus... no one looked at us like we were too crazy!

 We recommend the glögg (mulled wine, served with raisins and almonds) & the quasi-polka carols of Grappo Grünberg... what's not to like about a song called "Hej tomtegubbar"?

For a sample of their truly fantastic music, listen here for a song on youtube: https://youtu.be/cRhm_vOSW_E (or you can hear the whole album on spotify).

God jul!