France #1: Semester is the word for "vacation" in Swedish. Southern France it is...

We're still pondering why the word "semester" in Swedish is the word for vacation. Haven't figure it out yet.

Regardless, I'll start my post with a picture of just above the house we're currently renting in Gordes, France (house in the left of the picture looking into part of the Provence agricultural area)

Kids are out of school for their höstlov, or "autumn break" from school. We flew from Stockholm to Paris on Sat., Oct. 26th to meet Chris (who gave a talk at the Sorbonne on  25 Oct.) and Chris' parents, Linda and Steve. We managed to rendezvous with everyone in the Charles de Gaul airport train terminal and take a high speed train to Avignon (southern France). We then rented a car and drove to the hilltown of Gordes (in the Provence region).

Fun to see Linda and Steve, enjoy exploring and poking around, try different French foods (Stephen says he's always liked French cheese), send the kids on pastry runs, and otherwise soak up some sunshine. Some photos from our trip so far.

Meeting up in the train station. Stephen is now taller than Linda (Gigi to our kids) (this happened since they last saw each other in August, when Stephen was shorter than Gigi by just a bit. Yes, he's growing).

Our house in Gordes- amazing house set in an amazing town (the house Linda & Steve rented, pictured below, is on the slope to the right in the town picture below)

Image result for gordes france

View from our back patio and from around the house looking off into the valley.

 View from inside...

Normally I don't share pictures of a bathroom, but this one is carved into the cliff and super cool. The picture on the left is a wine cellar carved into stone. 

 Views at sunset- our house and the town of Gordes

 Self portrait (left) and Steve F. (Pop to the kids) (right)

The wide streets of Gordes and our newly favorite bakery

Scenes from "downtown" Gordes (all 2 streets of it) 

Sunset from near our house...