Nobel Calling...

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  It's been interesting to be in Sweden during the announcements of the various Nobel prizes... it is a big set of events around here. Lots of events around "Nobel Calling" (7-14 Oktober). I even watched the live stream of the Nobel Peace Prize.

But did you know that 10 December is Nobel Day? The awards ceremony is that evening... for all the prizes. The Swedish Fulbright Commission was able to get enough tickets that both of us (Chris and me) get to attend. It's black tie & fancy dress. My mom will be visiting that week, so I think she's on deck for hanging out with our kids.

Knowing this was a possibility, I arranged for our realtor to get a tux & floor length velvet gown from our attic, drop it off with a colleague, who brought the fancy duds to Arizona last week. Fancy duds now in our storage room, awaiting their debut on Dec. 10th!