Höstmys: autumn coziness

Two blogs in a day... a lot happening.

In between travel, work, school, and fun stuff, fall has swiftly crept up on us. The leaves around here have been fantastic- many shades of orange, yellow, and a bit of red.

Two weeks ago, Chris, Stephen and I took a hike into our nearby open space. Found the top of a hill and 500-1000 bce (before current era) burial ground, pictured below. Wandered through a magical forest of trees and leaves.

Yesterday, I had some time to walk our neighborhood- fall has progressed quickly and the leaves are coming down. Saw a  3 meters high pile of leaves in one of the city parks- wanted to jump in!

KDF kart.jpg

Oxberget is the name of the old burial ground- it's the green space near the "v" in Vartan (in the water near the compass rose). This site is maybe 10 minutes from our apartment? Stephen show us the Oxberget hill near an orienteering mark.

Oxberget burial mound (quite old)

Scenes from our wanderings... 

Fall crocus graced park.... and color is everywhere.

Horses are also everywhere... these are the city police women riding horses (across from the kids' school. Elizabeth thinks she's found her future career: riding horses for work!)

Last day of school for a week and the school celebrated with United Nations day- invited people from different countries to share food, song, and dance. The room was too crowded to go into, but Elizabeth had fun!  

Swedish word of the day: Höstmys. Time to figure out what our sense of coziness is!