grona lund -the Swedish amusement park

                    Grona lund during Halloween                                        is frightening.
This is the advertisement for SEKTEN.

Grona Lund is a amusement park.
Grona Lund sets up a lot for Halloween. 

I went with my friend Julie who had been living in State College about two years before, so I hadn't seen her for 2 years.

At Grona Lund for Halloween, they had spider webs everywhere and there were pumpkins. Even in the bathroom, there was spooky music playing and when you washed your hands, the mirror glowed red and a fake skull appeared.

Grona Lund also set up new haunted houses. They already had the house of nightmares which was supposedly really scary; we always see people running onto the balcony which I think is there so if things got too scary for you, you could always take a break or go down the stairs attached to it.

The scariest was a new haunted house called SEKTEN. Out front, there was a huge area that had space with fences to keep the line more organized. Next to the line, there were people dressed up as creepy things, there were statues and skulls on trees and spider webs everywhere and zombies, all in that one area where the line was. SEKTEN was the tallest new ride/haunted house but is not the actual tallest thing there.

There is a Fun house there, it was the first ever fun house and it inspired all the other fun houses in the world.  For Halloween, they changed it into a horror house and it freaked Julie out so much she had to find an exit and she didn't make it to the end.

One of my favorite rides at Grona Lund, when it is NOT in Halloween mode,is the tallest thing in Sweden. It is a drop tower that when you get to the top, you tilt over so you are facing the ground and after a few moments to build up the suspense, you drop at full speed toward the ground and at the last second you swing back so you are not facing the ground but you're just swinging, upright, it's so scary but really fun (for me at least).

Julie had a great time after the fun house incident was in the back of her memory. We had a great time.   


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