Skolstrejk För Klimatet 20/9 - FridaysForFuture

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Skolstrejk För Klimatet 20/9 - FridaysForFuture

School strike for climate, Sept. 20th, Fridays for the Future

Started a year ago by the now famous Greta Thunberg (pronounced more like "toon-berry"). Photo from Business Insider

Stephen and I joined the Stockholm school strike yesterday-- estimates of about 10,000 people! I'm not sure if it counts as a school "strike" for him as he didn't have school (student/teacher/parent conferences), but we'll take it as an educational experience. Empowering to see that may people out in the streets of Stockholm. It's also challenging to share the scope and scale of what a march like this looks like-- we heard a lot of chants that we have no idea what they were saying, but we understood this one: keep the oil in the soil, keep the coal in the hole. 

I made a small sign: "I'm from the U.S. and I work on climate change." Will think of something more pithy for next week's climate march-- this time, Elizabeth is out of school and gets to go (along with grandparents as guests). 

A few photos from me yesterday (including my favorite sign: I 💗 naps but I'm on strike for Mother Earth).