Musik, bas, gitarr: music, bass, guitar (thoughts on our fieldtrip to Hellstone Musik)

I'm going to leave this picture front and centered. Who knew that a musical haven lurked in Södermalm (the island just south of old town Stockholm and where a lot of the novel "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is set). This is one of the coolest stores of any sort I've been in... musical instruments of all types. Just the drum stick collection alone was pretty amazing. 

Our quest for our Saturday field trip? An affordable electric bass for Stephen, along with an amp tolerable for our apartment (and maybe a guitar for me). Stephen has been playing the bass for a couple of years and we've been in search of musical lessons while here- we have a lead on a quirky bass teacher starting this week and needed a musical instrument to be able to play. 

Stephen rocking his new electric bass (every note he strummed made the drums vibrate as well). He even was able to play the big amp behind him. That is NOT the one we brought home. We also found an affordable fender guitar (not sure those statements normally go together) for me- with the hopes that maybe this is the year I can figure out how to play more than 3 chords on a guitar. 

With a keyboard soon to be on loan from a friend for Elizabeth, we're rounding out the Fowler family band... not sure of our first song, but it may be our new Swedish favorite of "Dance Monkey."