Kattcafé i Stockholm: cat cafe in Stockholm ‎

Katt cafe i Stockholm: cat cafe in Stockholm ‎

      Yesterday we went to a cat cafe. It had a room that had a bunch of cats in it, but you had to make reservations to be with them so we just sat in a room beside the room with the cats to eat pastries instead. I especially liked the cat part of the cafe. We mostly went to the cat cafe because I missed Meow-Meow😿🐱 (my cat) and Bella 🐶(my dog) so much. There are animals in Stockholm, including lots of small dogs wandering around town with their owners and right next to my (new) house there is a HUGE park with like 20 pastures with 5 horses in each❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖🐴

             Me and my mom (mostly me) decided if we ever got around to it and had the space for it and the time, we would make an animal cafe (in State College) and take animals from Paws or something to have in it just like the cat cafe. The animals you would see in the cafe would be for free and you could just take one home. That way more animals would have a chance at having homes and Paws would be able to take in more animals AND people would be able to go to a cafe with animals in it, or you could be in a separate room if you are allergic to animals😢🐱🐶.