Jag älskar hästar: I love horses

Jag älskar hästar: I love horses

When we moved here, we thought there would be no horses-- this is a big city, after all. But there are horses everywhere-- riding trails through the woods, several nearby stables, horses in sight from our apartment, the city stables across from my school. We stopped by a nearby stable and the instructor told us to show up for lessons the next day.

So I now have horseback🐴 riding lessons in a horse barn that is across railroad tracks🚃🚄🚅🚈🚝 and a street, but really close. The horses🐴 are much different here: I can't control them the same way as I could with horses at home (using the reins). Here, you are supposed to think where you want to go and the horse is supposed to read your mind. What happens if you don't speak Swedish though? I can use the horse's name, which is Edda-- she seems to slow down if I say her name.

Edda is a very bite-y horse. I've decided she thinks I'm a carrot🥕. My dad thinks they gave me a bite-y horse to see if I could handle it. The instructor seems to think that Swedish horse riding is better than US riding-- she says that the horses are trained to be happy here, and not obedient. I don't think that is true- at least Edda is not very happy and sometimes obedient, especially when she's trotting but not when she bites.

We saw part of a horse competition on Sunday (also really close to our house) They were running around a course and going over tall jumps periodically- some with plants that made the jumps taller and spiky in spots. The horses were running at top speed around the course; I felt scared for the horses because if they fell, it would hurt them a ton. The horses were cute but the competition was scary.

For our lessons, we are not doing anything so scary. The hardest we have done so far is to trot around half the ring, with my dad running near me. I'm happy to be near horses again- I love horses!