gärdn och parkera: gardens and parks are everywhere around here

gärdn= garden
och= and
parkera= park

The open space in Stockholm is astounding. Gardens and flowers. And playgrounds... of every shape and size. There are also sizable parks in a lot of areas, with people in them all the time.
Rather than words, I'll let photos do the job of this post. I share these because we are also aware that the light is fleeting, the sun short lived. Rains have started this week, and the dark is coming sooner and sooner.

Garden shots from the last few weeks:

We've been perfecting playing tag on playground equipment. 

And exploring playgrounds. 

This is parkland that used to be (or still is?) owned by the Crown. It helps to have a king around to keep expensive real estate wide open. 

Land not too far from the kids' school- this is actually in an urban area, despite what it looks like. 

Views out to the Baltic from my exploratory bike ride this morning (drop kids off at school, explore on a bike, find gorgeous views).

Canal between two of the 14 islands in the Stockholm area.