autumn rullskidåkning: autumn rollerskiing

Just saw a post on the neighborhood facebook page calling for autumn rullskidåkning- autumn roller skiing. Might be time to buy some new roller skis for training this fall. Something I never thought I say after spending years training for cross country skiing this way! Roller skiing is a proxy for being on skis-- the helmets are necessary given how fast the skis stop when you hit a rock.

Random example photo of what roller skiing looks like.

Image result for roller skiing

Why the need to get on roller skis again? With our permission, my dad signed up Chris, me, and Stephen (and himself) for the Vasaloppet, the largest cross country ski race in the world with nearly 100,000 people. The Vasaloppet is 90 km long, though we're signed up for the 30 km version on 21 Feb. 2020. However, this is still quite a distance for someone who hasn't raced since about 2005; this will require some actual training. 

This desire to get out and move is easier here than in the U.S.-- everyone seems to be running, biking, playing, etc. Given that bikes, walking, bus, and subway are our forms of transportation, it makes it easier to move on our end too. 

Chris and Stephen have joined a local orienteering & ski club-- they'd be doing a post soon on their time with IFK Lidingö and the upcoming Lidigöloppet