Skola: school. The first day of school according to Elizabeth & Stephen

Today was the first day of school.

Elizabeth's perspective: 

      My teacher's name is Mr. Peterson and it was his first day at school too. My teacher is from New Jersey, I think......... 

             I met somebody during the first 5 seconds out in the front of the school and my Librarian,  Swedish teacher, Gym teacher, Music teacher, my art teacher and my ELA teacher.

             We played Dodge ball during break and it was only a half day so we didn't have much time at school. School where we learn things starts on Monday (Mondag) (this is Swedish for Monday).

      Overall, I wasn't really that nervous which was surprising.

           I hope people who are starting school soon have good luck in starting whatever grade you're going into or teaching.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day.

       (Stephen and I are sharing a blog so I am going to pass it to him).

Stephen's perspective: 
          School was very interesting. It was also odd, because of how different it is from the USA, and    that it is a foreign country with very diverse people, in the school and in Stockholm. There are more students in my class, but the classroom was about 1/4 the size of a regular classroom. That is partially because it is in the middle of a city, and so it has less space to work with; in the USA, there is a lot of extra space. In my classroom, it was just the teacher's desk and a couple of tables.
          The school, being an international school, was also filled with people from different countries. We did an activity where we found out how many countries and languages people had lived in and spoke, and the results spoke of diversity. One group of 6 or 7 had lived in 11 countries and spoke 11 languages, not counting repeats. Even though this school may not be as challenging as mine in State College, I think that I will still learn a lot about people from different places, and what those places are like.  Anyway, I think that school this year is going to be exciting, and I am nervous and ready to see what happens.