kalendar: calendar: some thoughts on keeping the date and time straight

It's another Friday night. For those of you heading into a long Labor Day weekend, enjoy! No such holiday here, but plenty of others.

We're adjusting to the Swedish calendar, dates, and time-- definitely a different way of tracking the movement of time. For example, did you know that this is V. 35 (the 35th week of the year)? This is how calendars are tracked here. The dates are also opposite. Every time I see a poster, I have to stop and figure out the date: something listed as 5/9 refers to the 5th of September. Time is tracked in 24 hours calendars; it's actually 21:26 as I write this. We have no idea what happens later in October when daylight savings hits the U.S.

We had a full week of school & work this week- a lot to process, so we'll post more this weekend. World Water Week from Sunday- Friday for me, Chris reporting into work at Stockholm University (where the idea that you'd just pick up a sandwich and keep working is completely odd, and 3 coffee breaks a day may be normal), and school for the kids. We move this weekend out of a temporary airbnb to our new residence for the rest of the time we're here-- we're looking forward to more room, a much shorter commute for the kids to school (a bike or a walk vs. a municipal bus), and a more "regular" schedule for us. We're also looking to living close enough to the school that the kids can get themselves to & from school.

This will be helpful in dealing with different ends of the school day and ramping up into activities. For today, I didn't realize that Elizabeth got out of school at 3 PM (wait, actually that is just 15:00) today, and so did Stephen- she normally gets out at 3 (15) and he gets out at 3:30 (15:30), except on Wednesdays, when they both get out an hour earlier, and apparently Friday when they both get out at 3.... Confused? So are we. On Sunday, I thought I was late for a meeting with the person hosting me for the Fulbright, then realized the meeting was Monday and I was 23.75 hours early. Anyway, the macro rhythm of the calendar is still not quite something we've figured out. Maybe next week.