Getting started...

Jordgubbe in Uppsala on our first full day in Sweden
Sköldpaddan  (the turtle) och (and) jordgubben ( the strawberrry)
This blog is intended as a place for us to record our sabbatical trip to Sweden beginning in August 2019. The four of us are here for most of a year in Stockholm with somewhat of a blank slate and only fledgling knowledge of Swedish. Just a few short days after arrival, we will dive into our respective duties: the kids in a new school, Lara as a Fulbright scholar, and Chris working with Swedish registry data. We know we will be busy, but don't want this opportunity to pass us by without a chance to reflect on what we experience. We'll be taking turns recording our thoughts and adventures here and see what comes of it. Our hope is that for each day or days, we can come up with a new Swedish word, an image, and a nugget of something interesting. Wish us luck.