A trip to the amusement park and the zoo

My Swedish word of the day: COCO-SNOT -Means: COCONUT

         I learned the word COCO-SNOT at the grocery store yesterday and think it sounds funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 We went to an amusement park today. Stephen and I went on the equivalent to of a crazy mouse except scarier, a huge yo-yo that went up and a few other rides. It was fun, I wish you (my friends and my teachers) were there. 

We then went to a zoo with reindeer, pigs, horses, geese, good cotton candy, cows, bison, lynx (the babies were pouncing on each other, it was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!), bears, moose, wolves, old buildings(there were lots of them), owls, cat (house cat, in a zoo? It's so weird-it had its own pen even and a sign that explains what things zoo signs tell you about animals!!!!!!!!!!), goats and birds. After that, we went to a bus stop and came home


 P.S - we could have gone to the grocery store too but we were too tired 

älg (moose) at Skansen
We liked this ride!
Ride at Gröna Lund


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